Kid Freaks Out Over Special Edition Hot Wheels

“It’s another Treasure Hunt! All of these are Treasure Hunts!”
By Christine Linnell
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    You’ll never fully understand the excitement of a toy collector who hit the motherload until you’ve experienced it yourself, but this should give you a pretty good idea.

    YouTube creator Footzah, who collects Hot Wheels, was reduced to a shaking, gasping, swearing mess when he discovered 22 Treasure Hunt cars just sitting on the same shelf at Walmart.

    Treasure Hunts, as any Hot Wheels enthusiast will know, are limited edition toys that are only released a few times every year, and it’s very rare to find one in stores – much less a whole bunch of them together. Somebody must have made a mistake with inventory or something.

    “Oh my god, sorry, I’m just freaking out right now,” Footzah said, yanking the toys down from the racks and making a huge pile. “I can’t believe what I walked into in the store. There is literally, like, freaking too much Hot Wheel Treasure Hunts.”

    His older brother posted the video to Reddit, where the kind inhabitants were happy to give him tens of thousands of views, plus some research on how much the toys were worth. Redditor banjo_guy discovered that Footzah definitely got good value, as he bought them for $1.25 each and could sell them for $5 or more. Not that he’d do such a thing.

    What’s Trending host Paula Rhodes has more on people’s responses, including a guy who works in retail and hopes Footzah put the toys back on the racks when he was finished:

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