A Stuffed Toy Bunny Got a Deluxe Hotel Stay After Being Left Behind

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  • A little girl who forgot her beloved stuffed bunny at a fancy hotel might have been afraid it was sad and lonely without her, until the hotel posted a bunch of pictures showing the bunny having a better vacation than she did.

    This weekend, the staff at the luxurious Adare Manor Hotel in Ireland discovered the furry toy guest who got left behind by his family. They posted photo of the bunny on Facebook, along with the caption, “I lost my owner at breakfast in Adare Manor.”

    While finding the bunny’s family and getting in contact with them, the staff had way too much fun posing him around the hotel – watching TV in bed, “chilling before breakfast,” calling his family on the phone, having afternoon tea, even putting on a tiny bunny bathrobe and getting a massage.

    After all that, he was finally reunited with his owner, Kate, for one more adorable picture – though he might have wanted to stick around for a few more days after all that pampering.

    “They were so delighted,” said spokeswoman Sarah Ormston. “Her mom said Kate was sad being away from her bunny because she sleeps with it every night, but when she saw how much fun the bunny was having she couldn’t wait to see him again.”

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