Nathan Zed is Back with “Bring It or Leave It” for 2016

TheThirdPew's latest video has John Green calling him "the smartest YouTuber in the world."
By Christine Linnell
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  • Nathan Zed aka TheThirdPew has returned to YouTube, and from the looks of things, 2016 going to be a great year for his viewers.

    “You made it! If you’re watching this I want to congratulate you – it’s a new year, you’re alive,” he says, bursting into applause.

    His first video for 2016 is all about about what he wants to see in the New Year and what he never wants to see again. Most of his selections fall in the “Leave It” category, including celebrities like Bill Cosby and Jared from Subway (but not Daisy Ridley who is awesome), people caring so much about what Kim and Kanye name their children (“They didn’t kill the baby, okay, they just named it! All right, Caitlinn-spelled-with-two-N’s?”), Raven-Symone, reaching with your crappy arguments, Frank Ocean, hoverboards, Nathan Zed not having a hoverboard when everyone else does, and being broke.

    The biggest thing on his “Bring It” list is Donald Trump running for president. “It’s all about paving roads, right? Opening doors. Obama opened the door for black people to become president – Trump is just doing the same thing for every 12-year-old on Xbox Live who ever called me the N word with a hard R. It’s lit!”

    Nathan’s triumphant return is getting rave reviews from his fans and other creators, including a big shoutout from everyone’s favorite YouTube dad, John Green:

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