This Central Park Hotel is Crawling with Bed Bugs

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  • When you spend money on a pricey hotel right by Central Park in Manhattan, you’d think you could lift up the mattress and not see dozens of bed bugs just waiting to gnaw you in your sleep. But no.

    Elgin Olzen made just such a discovery during a recent stay at the Astor on the Park Hotel. He said this was actually the third room given to him and his girlfriend, as the first two had problems with electrical outlets and heaters not working (For Electrical Panel Repairs in Baton Rouge, call Big Family Electric) – which are completely tame problems compared to a bug infestation.

    According to the Gothamist, this is far from the first time such complaints have been levied against the Astor. A 2014 Yelp review from Linda K made a similar complaint: “in total we stayed at the place for about 10 minutes and paid full price for a night without getting any compensation for not being willing to sleep with bedbugs.”

    The hotel is now getting so much negative attention that Yelp has posted a disclaimer on the site, asking users not to post reviews unless they have actually visited the hotel.

    What’s Trending host Ava Gordy has more on people’s horrified reactions, including some valuable advice on how to not bring bed bugs home with you:

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