Lesbians Touch a Penis for the First Time Ever

By Christine Linnell
Spoiler: they’re still lesbians.
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Bria from BriaAndChrissy, DayLynn Acacia and Arielle Scarcella are lesbian YouTubers who, until recently, had never touched a penis before. Being lesbians, they could have left that one off the bucket list and most people wouldn’t have blamed them. But I guess they decided to make extra special sure they don’t want the D, and there was also that time Bria made gay men fondle her boobs for science; so they got their obliging gay friend Aleks Malczewski to help them out. On camera.

    YouTube lesbians lead strange and interesting lives.

    “Wait, why are you taking your shirt off?” Arielle yelps at the beginning, as Aleks starts stripping down to his bright red underpants. “Is that necessary?”

    In the least sexy conversation ever recorded, the lesbians speculate that his manhood is going to feel kind of like a shaved cat, a bag of raisins or a snake, before copping a feel and deciding it’s more like warmed-up Play-Doh or a turkey neck, or maybe a stale hot dog.

    Bria and DayLynn both seem a bit squicked out by the experience, but you’ve got to give Arielle credit for leaning right in and examining it up close, like a nurse or a biologist.