Brendan Dassey’s Brother Wrote a “Making a Murderer” Rap Song

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  • Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” has pretty much the entire country riled up over the fates of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, convicted of murdering Teresa Halbach – and none are more insistent than their families, who are calling for them to be pardoned and released.

    Brendan Dassey’s brother Brad has taken it a step further and written a rap about it which can only be described as amazing. “Injustice, slammed in the face of two innocent people!” it starts, rolling into a chorus of “Not a fair trial! Not a fair game! Whole thing’s whack, it’s a lying shame!”

  • Brad dassey rapping
  • explains that this isn’t the first time Brad Dassey has forayed into hip-hop:

    In a new effort to spread the word that both Dassey and Avery are innocent, Dassey’s half brother Brad, a self-proclaimed “indie Christian rapper,” has written a song called “They Didn’t Do It,” in which he argues the court proceedings that convicted Dassey were “not a fair trial, not a fair game,” because the prosecution didn’t “stick to the facts.”

    Listen to the whole thing:

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