These Donald Trump Freedom Kids Are Amazing

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  • I don’t care if you’re “busy” or “don’t really follow politics” or “break out into hives whenever Donald Trump is mentioned” – you need to see this.

    At a recent rally in Pensacola, Florida, Trump’s supporters were entertained by the USA Freedom Kids – three little girls in star-spangled cheerleader outfits performing an extremely patriotic song-and-dance routine.

    “Cowardice, are you serious? / Apologies for freedom, I can’t handle this! / When freedom rings, answer the call! / On your feet, stand up tall!”

    The song was written by Jeff Popick, who says he was inspired by Trump’s “great heart and brilliant mind.”

    “He has a methodology for success and winning that’s second to none. To me, he’s always just been an inspiration.”

    The 53-year-old businessman manages the girl group led by his 8-year-old daughter, Alexis. He said he had originally written the song in honor of Lt. General George Patton, who led the U.S. Army when it liberated Italy in World War II, but tweaked it to focus on Trump. “When I saw Donald Trump announce his candidacy and he talked about George Patton, I was just inspired to change it and make it a little more contemporary.”

    This totally makes sense, as George Patton and Donald Trump are basically the same kind of person.

    Naturally, the girls drive around in a neon-pink Hummer stretch limo. Take that, emissions standards!

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  • We’re all thinking the same thing here, aren’t we.

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