Gay Men Touching Vagina For the First Time

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  • With a title like “Gay Men Touch Vagina For The First Time,” how could this video NOT have gone viral?

    It’s exactly what it sounds like: a video uploaded by popular YouTube couple Bria and Chrissy featuring gay men touching a vagina for what they say is their very first time. It’s amusing, watching some guys freak out, while others are just curious or confused. Internet entertainment in the traditional style of “first time” videos. But the YouTuber who lent her vagina to this experiment, Stevie Boebi (aka sassibob), wanted it to also be an educational experience, indicating the failure of school systems to properly educate students on both male and female anatomy over in a follow up video on her own channel.

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  • All in all, it is an entertaining (or awkward, if you accidentally forget to plug in your headphones while watching it at Starbucks) viral video while also managing to be a starting point for conversations about the human body and even the issue of consent, with one participant pausing to politely inquire, “May I touch your vagina?”

    And, of course, once you’ve watched these videos, you can hop on over to the predictable counterpoint, “Lesbians Touch Penis for the First Time.”

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