Does the “History” Video Mean One Direction is Breaking Up??!?

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  • So if you follow One Direction anywhere near as religiously as we do here at What’s Trending, you’ll know that the band is on indefinite hiatus right now.

    And then, suddenly, they released this video called “History” featuring Zayn, Louis, Niall, Harry and Liam throughout their career from 2010 to 2016, looking freaking adorable every step of the way.

    The nostalgic montage covering everything from their first appearance on “The X Factor” to the end of their world tour, along with the fact that Zayn Malik is in the video even though he left the band to pursue a solo career – plus that end scene where the boys walk off IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS – has many fans wondering if this is One Direction’s last big goodbye before the band breaks up.

    Which would SUCK.

    So we decided to do some investigative reporting – meaning we texted our friends who are 1D fans and were like “hey what’s up” – and found out the prevailing opinion is that the band is just burned out right now.

    Our host Jay Walker has more:

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