Listen To “The World’s Quietest Song”

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  • Field Day posted this awesome video by musician Andrew Huang. “The World’s Quietest Song” was made with a military grade microphone which can apparently record the sound of a pin drop. Huang used this to capture the sounds of some of the quietest things such as the flapping of butterfly wings, the pouring of champagne, a snake’s scales being rubbed, and a lemon being squeezed.

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  • Huang’s creativity really pays off, as all these sounds really work together to make a pretty catchy song. It’s amazing that he was able to incorporate so many sounds we don’t even think twice about, into a song that is great to listen to.

  • On his own YouTube channel, Huang shows even more of his musical ability. His videos showcase his skill of both making original music and covering popular songs by using instruments as well as things like eggs, dentist equipment, and household items. To hear more of Andrew Huang’s unique and awesome music click here.

  • To watch more videos by Field Day click here.

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