Larry David Stars in “Bern Your Enthusiasm” on SNL

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  • Larry David hosted Saturday Night Live along with a guest appearance from Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders over the weekend – and they’ve both got that “lovable grumpy old Jewish guy” thing going for them, so this “Curb Your Enthusiasm” parody was pretty much inevitable.

    In a sketch that Sanders supporters would like to emphasize is NOT what Bernie is like in real life because Bernie is AWESOME, David portrays the candidate as a well-intentioned grump who keeps finding ways to annoy voters, like refusing to shake a woman’s hand after she coughs into it.

    “I’m not being rude!” he rants in a spot-on Brooklyn accent. “She’s the one who’s being rude by offering me a germ-infested hand!”

    No wonder he lost in Iowa by 0.2% or whatever it was.

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