Watch Homer Simpson Star In “Making A Murderer”

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  • New York Magazine’s newest “Vulture Remix” is a re-imagining of the extremely popular Netflix documentary series, “Making a Murderer” and everyone’s favorite animated family, “The Simpsons.”

    In December Netflix released the highly addictive series that even celebrities were tweeting about:

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  • If you’ve just come out from living under a rock for the last two months, the documentary series explores the life and wrongful conviction of Steven Avery for sexual assault. After spending eighteen years in prison Avery was charged again, this time with murder.

    While the subject matter or “Making a Murderer” is nothing to be laughed at, the “Vulture Remix” puts Homer Simpson in the place of Avery and the result is pretty hilarious. Maybe we love seeing the corruption of Springfield, or maybe we just love to see two awesome shows mixed together. Either way, this mashup is super entertaining and gives us a few minutes away from the flawed justice system in America.

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