Is This the Worst “Family Feud” Answer Ever?

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  • Steve Harvey is back to doing what he does best – making dumbfounded faces about people who mess up on TV in front of a huge audience.

    (Yeah, like you have room to talk anymore, dude.)

    This one is pretty bad even for “Family Feud,” though. In the upcoming episode, a family was asked for other ways people say “Mother,” and a woman named Sheila Patterson got herself into trouble.

    Her siblings had already put “mommy” and “mama” on the board and incorrectly guessed “nana,” but Sheila seemed to have a brain freeze and kept repeating those words with slightly different pronunciations, while Harvey kept asking her to try again.

    Pretty soon Harvey was cracking up and dancing around the studio as she got increasingly flustered. Poor Sheila.

    She later told ABC News:

    ”I had a moment there and I really think my nerves got the best of me. It just really got the best of me. There were a couple of questions, answers that I had already prepared, but those answers were already given, so basically, my nerves just got the best of me trying to come up with something else.”

    We’ll have to wait until February 23 to find out how the rest of the show went.

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