Valentine’s Day is now all inclusive.
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  • Normally, when I think of eating ice cream alone, I picture the cliché movie moment where brokenhearted singles are eating their feelings and crying into tubs of the most fattening flavors. This year, Dairy Queen decided to change the stereotype and serve a special Singles Blizzard for individuals everywhere to celebrate their status on Valentine’s Day.

    Single doesn’t have to be synonymous with lonely. I mean, how could it when you have this new soft-serve ice cream with cocoa fudge, peanut butter cups and salted caramel truffles by your side?!

  • The company stresses their pride in being single and wants to break the cliché that all singles are sad. Nope, we’re just working on ourselves and enhancing other areas of our lives right now, like trying new desserts!

    According to the company, there are currently more singles than married couples, so why not make Valentine’s Day something everyone can indulge in? We all have someone we care about, including ourselves.

    Okay, the real question: can we add even more toppings?