29 Celebrities Do A Dramatic Reading Of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”

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  • Inspired by W Magazine’s take on “Hotline Bling,” Vanity Fair asked 29 celebrities to do a dramatic reading of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” Jon Hamm, Jenny Slate, Nick Jonas, Chelsea Handler, and many more took on the difficult task of dramatically reciting the lyrics to Bieber’s latest hit.

    Jon Hamm begins the video by saying “Is it too late to say I’m sorry that I don’t know the song “I’m Sorry” by Justin Bieber?”. John Legend hums the tune and then admits he does like the song. It’s not only funny to re-imagine “Sorry” as a dramatic conversation, but it’s hilarious to see how the celebrities react to the lyrics.

    Most of the celebrities really get into acting mode and deliver their heartfelt line of the song, but some can’t help but laugh or question the lyric they were given. It’s great to watch and for a second it really feels like Bieber’s song was written for a dramatic scene in a cheesy romance movie.

  • We love seeing Hollywood’s top actors taking on the latest pop hits. We can’t wait to see what song will be next. After this Oscar worthy performance, we’ll probably be listening to “Sorry” on repeat.

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