Possibly even better than Jennifer Aniston.
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  • This past Saturday, SNL aired yet another hilarious episode, and the best bit of the show was by far Vanessa Bayer’s impression of Rachel Green from “Friends.” The audience on set–and we can rightfully assume viewers at home–were laughing hysterically at how crazy accurate her voice impression was.

    How is that even possible?! Usually, when we think of impressions, we picture people who have very distinct voices or eccentric personalities, like Spongebob Squarepants or Shakira for example. Well, I guess we can add Rachel Green to that list now because as Bayer points out, her tone is consistently in shock!

    Watch the full “Weekend Update” below!

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  • Vanessa is well-known for doing spot-on impressions, with two of her most famous being Miley Cyrus and Jacob, The Bar Mitzvah Boy. A few months back, she debuted her newest “Friends” impression on Jimmy Kimmel Live along with a funny bit about how the typical “Friends” episode would play out.

    Vanessa, you’ve got our attention. Which character is next?!