Sia Tells James Corden Aliens Are Among Us

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  • Sia has joined James Corden on his latest episode of Carpool Karaoke for The Late Late Show, and she’s every bit as amazing as you’d expect her to be.

    Going through her biggest hits, like “Chandelier” and “Titanium,” both singer and host do a fantastic job singing those high high notes, which is always one of the selling points of Carpool Karaoke — seeing how well a singer can sing along to their own song.

    But of course, Corden’s ride-along doesn’t just stop at singing, as his Q&A portion gets intimate with his guests in a way that the stuffy studio setting doesn’t tend to lend itself to. Sia discusses why she opted to start wearing her famous face-covering wig, what exactly some of her less discernible lyrics are, and perhaps most interestingly, how her belief in aliens stems from a public declaration of American conspiracy from a high ranking Canadian government official. We don’t disagree with you Sia, but that’d sure be quite a cover up. And governments never cover anything up, ha ha, right? …right?

    Anyway, enjoy karaoke! And we’ll see you back here for whoever’s next — assuming Corden doesn’t burn out this format with how frequently these seem to be coming. Who would you like to see before that happens?

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