Because just one music video wasn’t enough
  • For the first single from her album Anti, Rihanna just released the music video for “Work” featuring Drake. The almost eight minute video is actually two different videos with different directors.

    The first, by Director X, shows a crowded party in a Caribbean restaurant in Toronto. This party has everything one could want: twerking, food, weed, and two huge celebrities grinding on each other. The second is directed by Tim Erem and shows Drake and Rihanna getting steamy in a private pink and purple room. Rihanna dances seductively while Drake watches from a couch, then eventually gets up and joins her.

  • Work2
  • Both videos are pretty cool. They showcase the catchy song while allowing us to see what it would be like to party with Rihanna. This isn’t the first time the pop singer has worked with Drake. The two have previously released collaboration videos for Drake’s “Take Care” and Rihanna’s “What’s My Name.” They also have a dramatic romantic history.

    We’re not sure if these new videos fuel more dating rumors or if the two stars just “Work” really well together (sorry, it was too easy). In any case, we’d love to see more from them in the future.