Woman Gets Sexually Harassed, Then Gets an Apology – and a Fruit Basket

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  • Last time we had a viral story about guys sexually harassing women online, the woman involved had to personally inform the guys’ girlfriends that they were being jerks to get them to stop. This time, the culprit actually felt bad on his own and apologized – and the woman got a fruit basket!

    Back in January, a 19-year-old San Diego student named Michaela posted screenshots and photos on Twitter about a guy named Ethan who she’d been chatting with – until he started asking her for nudes and she had to shut him down.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • But then, he reached out to her via text and tried to apologize, saying “I was having a rough day and I’m sorry it was inappropriate … I instantly regretted that btw, Idk how to fix this.”

    Michaela told him he could make it up to her by buying her an Edible Arrangements fruit basket – so that’s exactly what he did. It looks delicious.

    Now her story has been retweeted 20,000 times, and got picked up by Buzzfeed. Some of those retweets were by Ethan’s friends who lectured him about not being an idiot – one of them even told Ethan to tell this story to his future sons so they’ll know how to treat women.

    It looks like Michaela and Ethan are still on good terms and can laugh about the whole thing. So a potentially annoying story has a sweet ending – in more ways than one!

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