One Year After “The Dress,” Now We Have “The Jacket”

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  • Guys, didn’t we already do this once? Like, exactly one year ago?

    We all remember when the entire internet collectively lost its damn mind over whether “The Dress” was blue and black or white and gold. There were arguments and broken friendships, there were lengthy think-pieces about optical illusions and how our brains process color, there were ad campaigns and Halloween costumes, and then we finally, finally moved on with our lives.

    Now somebody’s trying to start it up all over again with “The Jacket,” and I do NOT APPRECIATE IT.

    High school sophomore Mariam Kabba from Santa Clarita, California inadvertently kicked this off when one of her friends kept insisting that her blue-and-white Adidas zip-up jacket was brown and black. Then somebody posted the picture to Tumblr, where of course it went viral. Dammit, Tumblr.

    For the record, I had the same experience as when I looked at the dress – when I first glanced at the picture the jacket looked black with gold trim, but then my eyes slowly figured it out and now I only see a light blue jacket with white trim.

    Whatever color you see, though, can we just agree to not get into fights with people and accuse them of lying?

    Also, you might remember that there were also two llamas on the loose on the day The Dress happened. What do we get this time?

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  • But no, actually – it turns out the zebra is fake. Nice try, though.

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