Alyx “Ayydubs” Weiss on Tinder Dates, Sexuality & Sam Pepper

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  • Things got personal in a hurry when YouTuber Alyx Weiss aka Ayydubs visited the What’s Trending Podcast with hosts Shira Lazar and Jonathan Harris.

  • Alyx recently launched an online dating series where she uses dating apps and then films her first dates – so she’s definitely not shy about sharing the most intimate parts of her life.

    “I was really always open with my audience, and part of that is my dating life. I mentioned to my friends in real life and also online that I’d used Tinder, and they were like ‘I’m too scared to do it.’ So I figured I would just do it for people. You know that’s the number one question: people are like, ‘Tell me about your experience with dating apps’ – so why not just show it to them?”

    To make things more interesting, it turned out that she was beginning to explore her sexuality at the same time – she recently released a video called “I’m Probably Gay” – so the experiment has turned into more of an online documentary about her evolving sexual identity.

    We had to take the opportunity to gather some questions from Tumblr users about dating, and get advice from Alyx and Shira about how to deal with love and relationships.

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  • Among other trending topics like the new Facebook Reactions and that adult man who posed as a high school teenager, Alyx also talked about Sam Pepper’s recent plea for a second chance following sexual harassment claims and his shocking “fake murder prank” video.

    She didn’t think his apology was enough to save his career. “I don’t think you can at this point. He’s can make money off the views he’ll get, but he’s not going to be able to do branded stuff. He’s done.”

    Being a part of the YouTube industry makes her a bit suspicious about who people really are versus their online persona. “You meet a lot of people who are not necessarily the best people on YouTube – people who got famous very young or have very distorted views of reality because of this weird bubble that we live in. So I feel I’m more cynical because of that. But there are also great people.”

    You can listen to the entire podcast on Soundcloud, or download it on iTunes.

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