What Is Up With Ben Affleck’s Giant Back Tattoo?

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  • Nothing screams “I am a well-adjusted adult who is dealing with my recent divorce in a healthy manner” like a massive back tattoo, right Ben Affleck?

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  • The “Batman vs Superman” star, who is 43 years old and ought to know better, was spotted with a large tattoo of a phoenix inked across his back while he was filming his upcoming film “Live by Night.” Sources told Us Magazine that the tattoo was real and he got it done at home.

    You know it’s even more painful and tedious to have those things removed, dude.

    Back in June, you’ll remember, Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner got divorced after he had an affair with their nanny. So what does Garner think of all of this? She playfully told Vanity Fair all about it:

    “You know what we would say in my hometown about that? ‘Bless his heart.’ A phoenix rising from the ashes. Am I the ashes in this scenario? I take umbrage. I refuse to be the ashes.”

    Our host Shira Lazar has more on Affleck’s recent antics:

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