Watch This Guy’s Weird Reaction To His In-Flight Pregnancy Announcement

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  • This is why I feel bad for guys in those “surprise public pregnancy announcement” videos – you never know how they’re going to react to such huge, life-changing news in front of dozens of people.

    Lisa and Eric Sadiwnyk from Bucks County, Pennsylvania had been trying to get pregnant for a while. During a trip to Las Vegas, Lisa took two pregnancy tests and both came back positive – but she sat on that information for two days trying to think of the best way to surprise her husband. On the flight home, inspired by other viral videos, she slipped a note to the American Airlines crew asking them to read the announcement over the loudspeaker. Which they did.

    He may well be thrilled by the news right now – he did seem to wipe away a tear at one point in the video – but the internet couldn’t help but notice that he looked shocked and more than a little uncomfortable as everyone turned around to stare at him.

    I’m going to cut him some slack. During a trip to Vegas, it’s probably a safe bet that Eric had decided to forget about babies for a few days and focus on having a good time with his wife. After all, how often can you just run off to Vegas when you’ve got a kid to take care of? I think he was just tired and caught off guard.

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