Chris Christie may not have known what he was signing up for.
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  • Political events don’t always give us viral-worthy memes, but when they do, those memes can be freaking amazing.

    Last night was Super Tuesday, the day when southern states in America cast their primary votes for president in one large block and very often determine who will become the Democratic and Republican nominees.

    Current front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had a lot to gain from this event, so endorsements were kind of a big deal – for example, many Bernie Sanders supporters are currently really, REALLY mad at Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren because she didn’t endorse Sanders, who ultimately lost that state to Clinton. Trump, on the other hand, got an endorsement from New Jersey governor Chris Christie – who just now seems to be realizing what a horrible mistake he’s made.

    During a victory speech that was specifically designed to look like a presidential press conference, Christie stood behind Trump with a look of dazed horror in his eyes, as if he was being blackmailed, or maybe had been drugged and kidnapped and forced to be there against his will. Seriously, look at this:

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  • It immediately inspired a number of parody Vines, and the hashtag #FreeChrisChristie was born.

    Even if you’re one of those people who are fed up with Chris Christie for his bullying tactics, you almost want to feel sorry for him. It’s like the last of his dignity is being stripped away on national television.