Melissa Joan Hart Can’t Say “Jesus”

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  • Amidst all these reboots and sequels of beloved TV shows, hearing that Melissa Joan Hart has a new project coming out immediately makes any 90s kid hope that it’s the return of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. But instead, we’re getting perhaps the exact opposite of that in the form of a film called God’s Not Dead 2 (the sequel to the 2014 Kevin Sorbo film God’s Not Dead), in which Sabrina (yes, we’re calling her that regardless) is a teacher who dares quote scripture at her class and gets taken to court for it.

    In a nation where Donald Trump and other Republican politicians are doing their best to promote the ideology that Muslims are terrorists, atheists are ruining our morals, and Christians are constantly being persecuted by legislation centering around allowing other people to have freedoms that don’t necessarily align with Christian beliefs, this kind of film is bound to make a decent monetary return. And the casting is inspired. A reformed witch as the persecuted Christian? A sexy play boy (Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives) as her determined lawyer? And a man who has literally played the Devil (Ray Wise from Reaper) as the opposition? The target demographic is going to eat this up. And just in time for the election, too.

    Don’t forget to vote!

    And maybe write in a request for that Sabrina reboot while you’re at it. Clearly Melissa Joan Hart is in dire need of some work.

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