Dying of dysentery was only the beginning.
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  • Most of us are familiar with the old school computer game Oregon Trail. Even if you hadn’t been born yet when it came into popularity, it’s enough of a cultural joke at this point that you’ve probably at least heard somebody comment about dying of dysentery and wondered what in the world they’re talking about.

    But while the Oregon Trail game was innocuous enough (unless you named all your characters after your friends and cried every time you let them die because as a kid that somehow felt TOO REAL), the realities of the actual Oregon Trail were quite different. In this new video from Vox, they use the style of the game to give some ideas of what an “R-rated” version of it that was more true to history would have looked like. Unfortunately, the pixels are quite outdated at this point, so I don’t think we’ll be getting this bloody, sexy version of Oregon Trail anytime soon, but on the bright side, we do have a million other way better games to play now, so it’s a pretty fair trade off. Plus, nobody’s dying of dysentery.