Travel the World With Misty & Jenna Kingma on “Tour Group”

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  • What’s Trending alum Misty Kingma and her sister Jenna are twins – which surprises a lot of people, because they look similar but aren’t identical, and they have pretty different outlooks on some things.

    Like supporting Donald Trump vs supporting Hillary Clinton, for example! But more on that later.

  • On the latest episode of the What’s Trending Podcast, our host Shira Lazar talked to Misty and Jenna about their appearance on the new Bravo TV travel show “Tour Group.” Hosted by Brandon Presser, the show takes 11 strangers and three tour guides on a trip around the world, showing them how to immerse themselves in new cultures. For the two sisters, it was a chance to reconnect after their lives took them in different directions and they lost touch with each other.

    Misty explained that this is a different kind of reality show than “The Amazing Race,” where teams are pitted against each other for prizes.

    “I feel like Bravo’s doing it a little differently. They took 11 strangers, three tour guides, and we went around the world on a luxury trip. But there was no catch – this isn’t a competition. No-one’s getting booted off anywhere.”

    The drama of the series comes from personal journeys and new experiences – like riding camels, or visiting school kids in Kenya.

    As Shira discussed the latest trending topics with Misty and Jenna, including the recent #SaveChrisChristie meme, Jenna revealed a surprising thing the sisters found out about each other since appearing on “Tour Group”: they have completely opposite political views.

    “I am all for Trump,” said Jenna. “I think he will change things, get shit done. I do not like Hillary at all,” she added, making Misty exclaim “I can’t believe we’re related!”

    Shira and Misty argued that Trump may be a successful businessman, but he alienates minority communities and encourages racism and sexism to get votes. “It’s not that I love everything that Hillary stands for either,” said Misty, “but I don’t know where else to go. What’s the lesser of two evils?”

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  • They also discussed the recent controversy over a teacher who got fired because a student stole her phone and found nude pictures on it, which led to an entertaining chat about women do with the dick pics guys send them.

    “I do not have any nudes that I’ve taken of myself ever, but I cannot tell you how many dick pics I have on my phone,” said Misty. “It’s not only guys that want to date me – it’s Snapchats, and people that I have dated or am dating. I keep it because I send it to all my friends in our group texts, and we laugh and analyze the shape and the direction.”

    We also got a chance to check out Jenna’s handcrafted jewelry line created in and inspired by New York City, which you can purchase at

    “I think creativity is super important. I made jewelry when I was younger – I used to make myself things, I used to make [Misty] bracelets. And now I get to do that every day, and I’ve never been happier.”

    You can listen to all of this and more on Soundcloud, or download the podcast on iTunes.

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