Who would want to see elephants when you could see broccoli??
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  • These parents thought they had a classic plan to surprise their four-year-old boy Max. Bundle everyone into the car, tell them they were going to visit a broccoli farm, listen to him complain the whole way that nobody wants to go to a dumb boring broccoli farm, and then SURPRISE, they were really going to the circus instead!

    Just one problem: Max thought visiting a broccoli farm was a really cool idea and was completely crushed when he discovered it was all a cruel lie. “I wanted to go to the broccoli farm!” he said, starting to cry – and no, he didn’t want to go look at elephants, he was promised broccoli. Not even his dad’s increasingly desperate promises to buy him broccoli at the store and find a broccoli farm they could visit later could cheer him up.

    This kid’s probably going be a vegan and animal rights campaigner when he grows up.