Watch These Cyclists Get Chased By a Possibly-Horny Ostrich!

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  • Nothing motivates you during a bike ride than having a giant freaking dinosaur bird sprinting down the street after you.

    YouTube user Oleksiy Mishchenko, a Switzerland-based computer programmer and amateur cyclist, was with his friends in South Africa for the Cape Argus Tour, one of the biggest cycling events in the world. As a warm-up for the race, they decided to take a quick cycle to the Cape of Good Hope, which Mishchenko recorded on his GoPro – and caught the moment when a huge ostrich jumped onto the road and started chasing after his friends.

    “It was a little scary at first, but then I thought I gonna fell of my bike from laughter,” he explained in the YouTube description. “The ostrich didn’t have any problem to keep up at 50km/h and apparently they do 70km/h with no sweat.”

    Fortunately the bird didn’t seem really interested in attacking the cyclists and just seemed to be along for the ride, until it peeled away and left them alone. “My guess he wanted to show off in front of his girlfriend, i bet she was very impressed!”

    Biologist Craig Packer from National Geographic said he’d never seen anything like it. “I’ve never seen people on bicycles near ostriches before. We don’t know what was going on in that bird’s mind.”

    Packer also said it was possible the ostrich had the cyclists confused with female ostriches – even better that it didn’t catch up to them, if that’s the case.

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