Is it kind of cool or just gross?
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  • Here’s a weird internet rabbit hole you can fall down for most of the morning – Korean YouTube channel ToyMonster is full of tutorials about learning colors by playing with slime, clay, gumballs and other brightly-colored synthetic materials. And their latest, “How To Make Colors Slime Foam Clay Ball Learn Colors Rainbow,” has us mesmerized.

    From the video thumbnail, you might think that it’s a tutorial about how to make a colorful if amateurish decoration to hang on the wall, or maybe a lumpy coaster or something. But no, for ten minutes the pair of hands just makes a gooey circle out of foam and gel, squishes it around for a while, and that’s it, that’s the whole video.

    We can’t decide if it’s weirdly soothing, or just kind of gross. Whatever the appeal, it’s piled up nearly 2.4 million views in just a few days.