New “Captain America: Civil War” Trailer is Equal Parts Awesome & Painful

We’ll just be over here crying forever.
By Christine Linnell
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  • Oh man, this is going to hurt.

    The latest trailer for Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” just dropped, and it looks like the conflict between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark is going to be even more angsty than we thought.

    The lingering, intense glances! The ominously sad music! “I could do this all day”! We’re all going to be emotional wrecks by the end of this thing, aren’t we?

    The trailer gives us a clearer picture of what sparks the civil war between the Avengers, with Iron Man declaring that superheroes need to be put in check by the government for the safety of civilians in cities that keep getting destroyed by epic battles, and Captain America trying to save the Winter Soldier aka his childhood friend Bucky Barnes and resisting a government that he sees as dangerously corrupt.

    It looks like the breaking point is Bucky shooting Tony’s best friend Rhodey aka the Iron Patriot out of the sky. “I was wrong about you,” Tony says in voiceover, as we see a shot of him cradling a possibly-dead Rhodey in his arms, “the whole world was wrong about you.”

    And then everything goes to hell.

    But hey, at least we get our first look at the new Spider-Man!

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