It’s scary out there for a local news broadcaster.
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  • Now that we know KTVU reporter Alex Savidge is okay after his scary near-miss with an out-of-control car, we can declare this local newscast our favorite story of the week.

    Savidge was on live television covering a train derailment in the Bay Area when a sedan turned into the path of another car while turning, careened over a sidewalk and headed straight for where the reporter was standing.

    His cameraman Chip yelled “Get out of the way!” at the last second and Savidge instinctively jumped aside. The car struck the camera and damaged a light stand, but fortunately nobody was hurt.

    A few minutes later he reappeared on camera looking shaky and close to tears, shared a hug with Chip and asked his colleagues to tell his wife he was okay. It was a sweet and touching moment.

    Now, of course, the story has gone viral and it’s okay to see the humor in the situation, as Savidge posts a bunch of pictures of himself having a well-deserved beer, cuddling with his little boy, and generally looking grateful and relieved all the time. Plus appearing on Fox News and saying his hero cameraman should be elected president. It is TOO CUTE.

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  • Don’t even get us started on the fan Twitter account for Savidge’s glorious head of hair.