To the Syrian kids, it was nothing more than hanging out with cute talking animals.
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  • It’s pretty easy to make fun of the Furry community – they’re adults who dress up as giant animals and sometimes have sex while they’re at it, and they’ve been known to tweet at Tony the Tiger asking for nude pictures.

    But we can put all that aside and appreciate this story about furries who cheered up a group of Syrian refugee children who had fled with their families to Canada.

    We think.

    As the NY Daily News explains, a group of refugees arrived at a hotel in Vancouver, which also happened to be the venue for this year’s VancouFUR convention. Their kids didn’t know anything about fetishists or Internet weirdness, so to them it was like they were in that Disney movie “Zootopia” with a bunch of cheerful cuddly talking animals.

    Still, there are plenty of people on the internet who can’t see past the fetish thing and felt weirded out at pictures of furries surrounded by small children.

    One of the convention guests, Chris Jantz, shot back at critics, saying that sex wasn’t a required part of furry fandom and the guests were happy to welcome the children to Vancouver. After all, he said, the furry community is about finding “a place to feel safe, and that’s what the Syrian refugees were seeking so it lined up perfectly.”