Pets that look like food are the internet’s new favorite thing.
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  • This may be a pitch-perfect internet meme to take up your lazy afternoon: pictures of cute fluffy animals combined with pictures of delicious food, with a twist of “what color is the dress” confusion and an overall theme of silliness.

    It all started with this Twitter post from a woman named Karen Zack, featuring ducklings that kind of look like plantains and vice versa.

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  • After the tweet blew up, she decided to try for Round 2 and came up with something even better: Labradoodle puppies or fried chicken?

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  • Since then she’s successfully compared puppies to bagels, sheepdogs to mops, and chihuahuas to blueberry muffins. Meanwhile other people are joining in, like this one about pomeranians and pancakes, and another about kitties and pita bread.

    As long as this doesn’t lead to people actually eating their pets, we’re all for this trend continuing as long as possible.