The YouTube parody king talked about how his career was inspired by The Lonely Island, and whether he'd make a jump to SNL.
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  • This week we had a special edition of the What’s Trending Podcast with YouTube parody king (and Shira Lazar boyfriend) Bart Baker, talking about the latest trends, his career’s connection to Saturday Night Live and some hints about his latest projects.

  • Of course the biggest celebrity gossip news for the past several days has been Kim Kardashian’s nude selfies on Instagram, which Bart saw as plain and simple marketing for her personal brand, rather than any kind of statement about empowering women.

    “She knows what’s going to happen,” he said. “Her and Kanye West are the same person, basically. They do crazy shit on social media and they know what’s going to happen, and it works. So, good job.”

    He and Shira also discussed Lonely Island’s upcoming movie “Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping” starring Andy Samberg – and Bart has mocked Justin Bieber himself, so this is right up his alley.

    “Lonely Island is why I started making the types of videos I was making on YouTube. This movie looks awesome to me, it’s going to be hilarious. Judd Apatow’s directing it. You can’t go wrong.”

    He pointed out that Lonely Island got their start on YouTube before their material was featured on Saturday Night Live, but he wasn’t sure if he would want that career move himself.

    “The problem is [SNL] is too much of a time commitment. I couldn’t do it. Of course it’s a good opportunity, but there’s no way – they’re locked in. […] If you’re a cast member on SNL, you’re locked in for that, and you really don’t have time to do anything else.”

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  • He is working on a new television show, though – he couldn’t give us a lot of details but he said it would involve sketch comedy. “I’ll be playing a lot of pop stars in it.”

    And of course there will be new music video parodies coming, including a spoof of Rihanna’s “Work” and his best Miley Cyrus impression.

    “Miley Cyrus is an easy one to play, because she’s basically Justin Bieber with lashes. They have the same hair, so I already have the hair, which is great. So all they did was put some makeup on me and I slammed on some tights.”

    You can listen to the whole podcast on Soundcloud, or download it on iTunes.