It is SPOT ON.

  • Many of us are familiar with Ariana Grande’s musical impressions. She’s been showcasing her talent on YouTube and talk shows with her infamous impressions of Britney Spears, Shakira and Celine Dion. However, it looks like the star can imitate “regular” (lol) voices, too. If you weren’t looking at the screen, you’d have no idea it wasn’t Jennifer Lawrence.

    Ariana hosted SNL this past week, and boy did she deliver. Maybe she just has the most flexible vocal chords in the world because this girl could seriously make a career out of mimicking other people. Not only did she play an intern who could do killer musical impressions (because duh, it never gets old) but she also imitated the world’s most relatable celeb. It’s true, J-Law does tend to talk about food a lot.

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  • Even this tweet makes J-Law seem “annoyingly relatable” with her junk food diet. Does she really snack that much?!

  • Yep, she nails it. Every. Time. Keep the impressions coming, Ariana!