That’s one way to do it!
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  • It never occurred to me that taking off your socks was a thing that needed to be more exciting. Shows how much I know.

    British inventor, engineer and pyromaniac Colin Furze decided to spice up his sock removal by going outside, attaching his socks to firework rockets and shooting the rockets out of a homemade launcher. Amazingly, his socks flew right off and he wasn’t left with second-degree burns.

    That’s not the only use for his makeshift rocket launcher, however – this was just part of a larger video where he puts the launcher through its paces, mostly by trying to hit his friend.

    That’s a good friend. A foolish friend, but a good one.

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  • Colin Furze has made a name for himself doing all kinds of things sensible people tell you to never try at home, like attaching a jet engine to a bicycle, or building an ejector bed, or launching a bunch of mobile phones into the stratosphere. Check out the rest of his channel if you’re looking for an excuse to procrastinate.