These scammers installed a card skimmer in seconds flat.
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  • If you’re nervous about identity theft, here’s something that might send you into a full-blown panic.

    A security camera in a Florida gas station caught footage of an unidentified criminal who installed a skimming device over a credit card terminal in the time it took his partner to point at something at the other end of the counter.

    TechWorm reports:

    The two crooks entered the gas station store and approached the clerk to buy various items. CCTV footage shows one man speaking to the worker at the cash register, appearing to direct the attendant’s attention to the other end of the counter, while his partner pulled a skimming device shaped in the form of the card terminal and put it on top of the device in a matter of seconds.

    Fortunately for customers, the clerk eventually noticed the skimming device had come loose, and called the police. Detectives say that it looks like the kind of skimmer that would have to be collected in person for the crooks to get people’s card info.

    Still pretty alarming to see how fast criminals can work, though.