This Could Be the Most Amazing Paper Airplane Flight Ever

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  • Japanese student Ikuya Kara apparently managed to get one of the luckiest paper airplane throws ever, launching the origami aircraft from a window only to have it circle back to him 24 seconds later.

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  • Based on the nearly 63,500 retweets it’s received since being posted a few days ago, the internet can’t get enough of this stuff.

    This being the internet, some people are speculating that this is fake – the camera cuts away briefly just before the student catches it, and if you look really closely there might be another paper airplane in the frame, so you could almost believe that he was already holding a second plane and pretended he caught the first one. Even if that were true, though, getting the plane to circle back at all is impressive stuff.

    A more likely explanation is that the students had thrown paper airplanes from the window before and noticed some weird air currents, and decided to try out different plane designs to catch the breeze just right.

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