Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Look Adorable On Bahamas Vacation

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  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • The pop star has officially been dating Calvin Harris for over a year, despite all the really boring jokes that she can’t maintain a stable relationship – and so they’ve celebrated with a vacation in the Bahamas, posting Instagram pictures that show just how perfect and glamorous their love life is.

    See Taylor adorably tumble off a trampoline and into the water! Look at the two of them kissing as the sun sets, and writing their initials in the sand! Grit your teeth in jealousy at Taytay’s amazing bikini body!

    Could your faves ever? We highly doubt they could.

    But if famous Instagram quitter Essena O’Neill has taught us anything, it’s that INSTAGRAM ISN’T REAL and you have to take dozens of pictures with a professional photographer and use all kinds of edits and filters to get pictures that perfect. Given how shrewd Taylor is when it comes to her personal brand, it doesn’t take long before you begin to look past the adorbs and wonder what media manipulation she might be up to.

    But they still look amazing and I want to squeal over them with all my friends, so whatever.

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