Country singer Beau Davidson gave a pretty weird performance.
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  • Imagine some weird co-worker with a crush on you getting drunk at the office karaoke party and singing you a cheesy love song in front of everybody, and you’ll have some idea of what Donald Trump must have been feeling over the weekend.

    Trump made an appearance with his recent endorser Ben Carson at a fundraiser for the Palm Beach County Republican Party, and there they were serenaded by country singer Beau Davidson performing a Trump-centric version of “Stand By Me,” which is way too good a song to be subjected to this nonsense.

    “So Donald, Donald, stand by us / and we’ll stand by you,” Davidson crooned, while Trump swayed awkwardly and looked super uncomfortable for three or four minutes.

    Davidson remembers it a little differently, though:

    “Mr. Trump had a huge smile on his face. He grooved to the beat and even joined the chorus once he heard his name in the lyric. Dr. Carson enjoyed the performance, smiled, and clapped along. His wife Candy told me she is a violinist and that she was singing harmony during some of my performance.”

    Based on Davidson’s modest 2007 hit “More Than I Can Give,” he’s probably right. Just look at how sad his music video girlfriend is because Davidson doesn’t love her as much as he apparently loves Trump!

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