He wants to do WHAT to her butt cheeks?
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  • It’s time for another edition of “Creep Shaming,” our new series where online celebrities share the worst messages they’ve ever received in the comments section with our host Nadia G of “Bitchin’ Kitchen” fame, and together they decide which lucky jerk will receive the “Golden Douchebag Award.”

    This week, our guest is gamer Trisha Hershberger, who gets between three and fifteen nasty comments per day.

    “I think it’s 100% insecurity and feeling the need to be like, ‘Someone somewhere pay attention to me! I’m going to say the most outlandish things so that someone pays attention to me!’” she says. “It’s like, I understand that your mom just needs to hug you more, but this is ridiculous.”

    Contenders include a friendly guy who just wants to see Trisha’s nipples (why host a show called “Naked Truth” if you won’t get naked on demand for random strangers, after all?), a guy who tries way too hard to make a gross pun out of her name, and a guy who thinks using the word “flossing” in a sexual context is a big turn-on.