Check Out Some of the Worst Plane Landings Ever!

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  • Here’s a fun thing that Reddit dug up today: a video compilation of some of the most gut-churning bad weather plane landings you’ve ever seen.

    YouTube user “flugsnug” filmed a bunch of landings (and failed landing attempts) at Birmingham Airport in England over the winter, some of them in pouring rain and with crosswinds at up to 40 mph.

    The sight of those giant airliners lurching and rocking as they drop toward the concrete runway during a winter storm is enough to make every muscle in your body clench up – and you’re not even sitting in the plane. There’s really nothing like looking out the window and realizing that you can look straight down the runway because the plane is pointed sideways.

    You’ve got to hand it to the pilots in these situations – most of the time they touch down and land, and when they can’t, they pull the plane back up into the air for a second try or to divert to another airport. You can almost hear the passengers burst into applause once they’re safely on the ground.

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