Uber Expands Its Food Delivery Service

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  • Uber, the popular ride service, has just announced its latest shenanigan. The company will now be offering food delivery services at the tap of your fingers. It works just like any other food delivery service (GrubHub, Seamless, etc.), but one thing they have over their competition is their trusted brand name.

    So how do you order from Uber? Simply open the app, choose a restaurant from their selected locations, and order as much food as you can afford. UberEATS takes your order, runs to your restaurant of choice, picks up your food, and delivers it to your doorstep. If you’re feeling lazy, this is definitely the way to go.

    UberEATS offers an “Instant Delivery” option, which is basically a list they compile of signature dishes in your area and delivers it to you in at least 10 minutes (or so they say).

    Like the Uber app, UberEATS does all of its payments through your phone. You don’t have to worry about handling cash, or even adding a tip. The total on your screen includes the food and the delivery fees, and then you’re all set.

    I think this new app can take Uber places, and it gives your alternatives a run for their money. UberEATS is only available in certain areas right now (think big cities like New York), but it’ll soon be all over the place. I hope it doesn’t flop, but if it does, they still have whole lot of business driving people around.

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