‘The Lego Batman Movie’ Teaser Trailers Are Finally Here

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  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • We all remember The Lego Movie. How could we forget? It was awesome. Possibly the best part was Will Arnett as Batman. He was hilarious and made fun of the dark and brooding Batman we’ve loved for years.

    So with The Lego Batman Movie, we’re probably going to get way more of this. The just released teaser trailers promise that as well, with Batman introducing the movie by saying:

    “It’s kinda like the original Lego Movie only it’s vastly superior because it revolves entirely around me”

  • The two teasers were released in less than a week (the first on the 24th and the second on the 28th). They hilariously show Batman in action in the Batcave and then honors (and slightly pokes fun at) all of the previous Batman films that we’ve seen.

    We’re excited for a funny take on Batman. 2017 seems so far away.

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