“Nude” just got totally redefined.
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  • Normally, when people in the fashion industry think of the color nude, they picture a light tan color that mimics skin tone. However, not everyone can relate to the light tan hue as matching their natural skin color. In light of this, Christian Louboutin decided to expand his “nudes” collection so “every woman” can relate.

    The collection now features seven different nude hues in three styles. The collection began in 2013 but recently added “Porcelain Nude #1” and “Deep Chocolate Nude #7” for Spring and Summer this year. The hashtag #NudesForAll began trending on social media to honor the designer for recognizing and appreciating diversity.

  • On a side note, how gorgeous is this photo shoot?! Honestly, I think the extra colors make the collection even more stunning. If you’re looking for a closet staple, these are definitely an investment–$595, oh my–but may be well worth it.

    Whether it’s for a special occasion or business professional needs, these beauties could make any outfit killer. Just wondering, is this now an excuse to splurge on an extra pair for when the sun comes out??

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