These Japanese Cakes Are Actually Made of Salad!

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  • Someone somewhere decided that women really love things that look like delicious desserts that you can’t actually eat as dessert, and for that they have my eternal scorn.

    Not content with cute soaps and candles that look and smell like chocolates or cupcakes, now the Trending Powers That Be have fixated on these beautiful Japanese cakes that look like they contain heavenly vanilla sponge cake and swirls of buttercream frosting, but are actually made of vegetables, soy flour and tofu.

    Because what could be better than tricking your brain into expecting sweetness, and getting a mouthful of salad instead?

    Created by food designer Mitsuki Moriyasu, the cakes are gluten free and supposedly aimed at women who want to be body conscious — but all it’s doing for me is making me want to eat a real cupcake in protest.

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