NCAA Final Revives “Sad Jordan” Meme

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  • Michael Jordan’s alma mater the University of North Carolina lost to Villanova in the NCAA men’s basketball title — and the internet is not going to let him forget it.

    The “Sad Jordan” meme came back with a vengeance following an astonishing down-to-the-buzzer 3-point shot that ended the game 77-74. Some sports writers are calling it the best title game ever.

    It’s probably safe to say that basketball legend Michael Jordan wasn’t happy with the result, and that’s all the excuse people needed to use the Sad Jordan meme on absolutely everything, from the Tar Heels mascot to Jordan’s championship rings.

    The Sad Jordan image has actually been around since 2009, captured from his emotional Hall of Fame induction speech; and it was first used in a mocking way in 2012 after Jordan’s ill-advised purchase of the Charlotte Bobcats. (Thanks, KnowYourMeme!)

    It’s always nice to see a classic meme revived for such a satisfying reason.

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