Charlize Theron: Hollywood Hates Me Because I’m Gorgeous

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  • Life is rough when you’re a gorgeous blonde Oscar-winning actress in Hollywood.

    Charlize Theron has caused a bit of a stir with a recent interview in which she boldly states that she’s missed out on big roles because she’s too beautiful.

    ”How many roles are out there for the gorgeous, f***ing, gown-wearing eight-foot model? When meaty roles come through, I’ve been in the room and pretty people get turned away first.

    While it’s hard to say this without sounding really sarcastic, Charlize does have a point. Because women are so often defined by their looks in the entertainment industry, she’s had to tone down her hotness to be taken seriously in several of her biggest roles, whether by gaining weight and wearing Ugly People makeup for her Oscar-winning performance in “Monster,” or shaving her head and smearing grease all over her face in “Mad Max: Fury Road.” And even then, many people just freaked out over how not-gorgeous she looked instead of focusing on her performance.

    Also, I hate the fact that people are jumping all over her for calling herself gorgeous, as if beautiful women are required to have low self-esteem. Charlize is beautiful and she knows it, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Still, the idea that gorgeous white actresses are oppressed or discriminated against in Hollywood — compared to, say, fat women or women of color — is a bit too much.

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