As everyone should.

  • If you show me someone who went through puberty in the ’90s and claims Will Smith influenced their life in no way, I will show you a liar. Or someone who lived on a farm somewhere in Pennsylvania without access to TV or radio, that’s also possible. Either way, Will Smith was incredibly deserving of the MTV Movie Awards’ Generation Award last night, an award that’s previously been bestowed upon other mid-millennial icons like Reese Witherspoon and Johnny Depp.

    To celebrate his award, and all his early contributions to pop culture, MTV brought in comedy trio The Lonely Island to perform a medley of his most popular music. Because who better to pay tribute to a famed black rapper/actor than a bunch of nerdy white guys? All said and done though, it was an amusing performance, as The Lonely Island rarely disappoints. And Will Smith seemed to enjoy it, which is what matters the most.

    We’re still waiting for that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot, though. Though maybe they should keep the theme for that performed by Smith himself. Sorry, Lonely boys!